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Gut health
70 to 75 percent of the immune system is in the gut. The more diverse your gut bacteria is, the healthier and less prone to illness you are. Immune energizer contains ingredients to increase and support the diversity of your gut bacteria. Moreover, Immune energizer includes ingredients to help repair and protect your gut wall to prevent gut leaks.
Immune system response times
Immune energizer help increase the response time of your immune system. Hence, any microbes or viruses that enter your system is attacked quickly by your immune system.
Immune Energizer contains several ingredients that act as antioxidants and stimulate your body to produce its own antioxidants. This helps prevent viruses from mutating by neutralizing free radical species.
Vaccine adjuvant
Immune Energizer also contains herbal ingredients to support your immune system’s reaction to vaccines, thus making vaccines work better.
Immunomodulatory effect
Immune energizer enhances the immune system when it’s sluggish. In the case of an overactive immune system, it moderates the immune system response to protect the body from being attacked by its own immune system (ie excess inflammation).


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Why Human Engine?

The Blueprint

The same things that drive You, drive Us. Real, Calculated, Researched, Efficacious… and the Proof is in the Product. After spending many years working for Fitness, Supplements and Nutrition companies, we realized very few truly believed “How you get there, Is Just As Important as getting there”. After all, no one wants to build a sports car with a moped engine – and getting premium, proven ingredients to safely get you to your goals shouldn’t cost as much as one. So we went to work leveraging our expertise, relationships and years of research on everything from; Ingredients, to Sources, to how the Combination helps you as you drive toward your Health and Fitness goals. Setting your Goals and your Drive to achieve them comes from You, let the fuel come from Us.

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