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What it is: A large group of related viruses, transmitted between animals and people, which causes mild to severe respiratory illnesses (ie common cold to SARs-severe acute respiratory syndrome & middle eastern respiratory syndrome). The current new strain of coronavirus is COVID-19.

Symptoms: Ranges from respiratory symptoms like cough, shortness of breath, to fever, pneumonia.
Recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus include avoiding contact with people sneezing or coughing to using disinfectant in public areas to using hand wipes etc.
The center for biocide chemistries (biocide means antimicrobial) has released a list of 139 safe to use cleaners/disinfectant) that has been approved by the EPA. Damn near all clorox products and some Lysol products are on that list.
One of the common ingredient that are in these products is HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (it’s # 43 on the CBC list). What occurred to me that I have no one -INCLUDING DOCTORS–mention is our own innate first line of defense. Our own bacteria, which are friendly to us and protect us but deadly to viruses and bacteria. Think probiotics. Now did you know that one of own bacteria produces HYDROGEN PEROXIDE? Yes similar to what you find one of Clorox disinfectant that has been recommended by the CBC and approved by the EPA.
Before you rush out to buy a probiotic supplement, they are not all the same. Different strains have different benefits. Just like there are probiotics for fat loss there probiotics for respiratory viruses/illness. Here is what I did for you guys: I gathered every single gut and oral bacteria that studies have shown kill respiratory viruses in children, adults and older adults. They even kill pneumonia viruses. Then I went and looked for every supplement that carries that strain. Below are the list.

L-reutri prodentis: Secrets hydrogen peroxide which kills viruses and bacteria. Produces reuterin which prevents bacteria from adhering to mucosal membranes and prevents pathogen colonization (which is how when you get a cold it gets worse ie it gets in through your mouth or nose then stick to your mucous membrane and multiply). Supplement: BioGaia prodentis

L-casei & L-rhamous– decreased incidence of pneumonia by blocking colonization of two pneumonia viruses paeruginoa and S pneumoniae.

L Rhamnous GG – Significantly inhibits the adherence of respiratory virus. It’s more effective when a high dose is used. supplement “Advanced multibillion Dolphillus” by solgar

L casei + L acidophilus + Bacillus subtilis + E Faecalis: All of them must be used: Significantly reduced rate of nosocomial pneumonia & multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in critical ill infants (also works for adults/older adults). Supplement: Ther-biotic complete. Side note Kefirs contain L casei, yogurts contain L aciphodillus

L acidophilus + B animalis subsp lactis: Both must be used togethere -Reduced incidence of respiratory infections, fever, coughs, antibiotic use, days of hospitalizations and days kids missed school. Supplement Pharmax HLC baby B