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Get VICIOUS with Sidney Wilson !

Celebrity trainer, Men’s health cover model Sidney Wilson is known for his approach to work and Life with his moniker  “Get Vicious” .  Human Engine talks with Sidney to see what makes him tick. In the process, we find out he’s tumultuous beginnings from his childhood to now a celebrity trainer and a mainstay in […]


Julien Greaux

“From the island of St. Barth with nothing but four hundred dollars and 2 duffel bags… Oh! and a dream. Mixed martial arts expert Julien Greaux risked it all to be the next big action star. With deals in the works that indicates mission has been accomplished, we caught up with Julien to find out […]


Mike Ohearn

Mike Ohearn on Thursday, 17 May 2012. Posted in Featured Articles In today’s society, it’s hard to believe superheroes exist. Conventional thinking would have you believe they are confined to the pages of comic books, movie screens and TV shows. Transcending convention, Mike O’Hearn sets the standard for a modern-day superhero.   The youngest of 10 […]