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What makes this program different from every other coach that seems to pop up every minute?


You will be immersed in a holistic program. That is, it is not meant to just address what you see in the mirror. After all, just because you have a 6 pack or washboard abs doesn’t mean you are healthy.

Detoxification/Chelation: This isn’t the tea nonsense. This is science-backed natural ingredients programmed into your meal and supplement plans. Why is detox important? Toxins accumulated over the years can cause metabolic disorders such as diabetes, infertility, hypertension, low testosterone, low growth hormones, premature hair loss, just to name a few (Orisakwe et al 2014).

Note: While women do not produce testosterone after exercise, women produce growth hormones. Growth hormones in the context for women are key to lipolysis (fat removal/mobilization), maintaining a high energy level (Prodam F et al 2012), increases the conversion of the inactive form of the thyroid hormone T4 to T3 so your metabolism is functioning optimally, increases insulin sensitivity so less body fat is created(Brockman N et al 2019).

 Restoration of core microbiome: Over time you lose some of the bacteria that protect your body. If you have ever taken antibiotics, artificial sweeteners,  acid reflux medications, NSAIDs (ie ibuprofen, aspirin for long periods), chances are you have killed off some of your good bacteria. This doesn’t include air pollution, chronic stress and your diet. There are trillions of bacteria that help maintain your immune system, metabolism, mental health which is why collectively they are known as a virtual organ or super organ. They produce vitamins and neurotransmitters (example GABA, Dopamine which affects mood and focus) in your body. Hence, if they are not restored some people may always be prone to fat gain, muscle loss. This eventually has been shown to be associated with the development of type 2 diabetes, heart disease abrupt development of allergies and food intolerance (Gibson P et al 2015)(Makki et al 2018 et al), (Lane J et al), (Litvak et al 2018).

Reset your set point: Setpoint is a body composition that your body defends against. Picture setting the temperature in your house at 65 degrees. The thermostat will defend your home’s temperature from going below or above 65 degrees. In the same way, resetting your system will ensure that once you reach your goal body, you don’t have to worry about returning to the original weight or as is usually the case more weight than your original weight vice versa if you have a muscle gain goal or both at the same time (Dullo et al 2018), (Gower B et al 2018).

Mobility assesment: Any joint pain or movement restrictions are addressed first and if possible incorporated into the regular training program. Science backed supplementations proven to fix joint pain are suggested to you along with the studies that back the recomendation made.

Progressive overload: Your training program will be appropriately adjusted progressively to maximize your results. At a certain point with training, your body will use less muscle to do the same exercise. For example, let’s say you used 100% of your legs to press 200lbs at a specific point in time (yes I know this time point), your body will start using 94% of your leg muscles to lift the same 200lbs. This is how people reach a plateau and stop losing fat or gaining muscle. This time point is different for each body part. (Phillip S et. al.), (Stone P et. al. 2010)

This is a comprehensive, virtual hands-on (you will download a walkie talkie app) coaching program from a Certified Sports Nutritionist and although I have a “pro card” in the grand scheme of life it doesn’t matter. Here are some of what’s included

Exercise Video Library

Access to 110-page recipe book

  • A customized training program. This means no one else will have your training plan because it’s developed based on your feedback on the assessment questionnaire.
  • A customized nutrition plan. This meal plan is made specifically for your physiology. Based on your answers on the initial questionnaire, we might create a high carb, low carb or cyclic ketogenic meal plan to get you to your goal safely and quickly.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Bi-Weekly check in to ensure adherence to your programs. If the program is too difficult, adjustments are made. Too easy (training portion)? Adjustments are made. If you hit a plateau, adjustments are made.
  • Refeed plans to ensure your metabolism stays high
  • Adjustments to training plans to prevent monotonous overtraining.
  • Customized supplementation plan. This plan gives you a recommendation on an appropriate dosage based on your bodyweight and goal. 
  • All customized for your body to last 7 weeks.

Limited openings available because too many people dilutes the quality of the program. Email now to check for openings