The Diet Hack3r’s Manual version 2



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What if I told you the majority of what you thought was true about nutrition is wrong? I started this 2 years ago in an effort to help my twin sister. I came back home to Detroit and to my dismay, I found out through my Mom that my sister had 4 auto-immune diseases. Throughout my visit, I asked numerous questions which no one could answer including her doctor. I remember when I came back to my home in California, I drove straight from the airport to my house, then proceeded to spend 16 hours straight researching everything I could find about her condition. 3 things stood out,

  • Studies show doctors are wrong 50% of the times (Prasal V et. al. 2013).
  • Nutrition was the cause of the problem, mind you my sister isn’t obese by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Most doctors only receive 20 credit hours in college with regards to nutrition.

This Book lays bare only the practical aspects from 2 years of is no exaggeration that I read through over 1000 research papers averaging 20-39 pages each and 10 years as a coach.

Topics covered in the book.

Energy Balance:

  • How your metabolism work. Why normal weight or skinny fat people who diet for weight loss get fatter.
  • How to lose weight without dieting.
  • The difference in how women and men metabolize food and why the plan each use should be different.
  • Why women lose their menstrual cycle during a weight loss program. Hint: It has little to do with body fat levels.
  • How to calculate your macros but you will have tools to do it for you automatically

Gut microbiota (probiotics):

  • Dysbiosis-What it is. Why it very important to know what it and how to fix it.
  • Gut leaks- If you have allergies, food intolerance, autoimmune disease ie, Hashimoto, type 2 diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, you have a gut leak.  Yes you can fix your gut leak


  • High protein diets: Keto Diet: Chances are you have been doing keto wrong. I mean John Hopkins Hospital performed keto diets protocol incorrectly on their patients, numerous studies have done the same. Hence, chances are the person whose job isn’t to know stuff like this, maybe wrong.
  • The proper amount of protein you should be eating and why it matters. If it’s too much stand by for health issues. If it’s too little stand by for health issues.
  • Protein quality:  The type of protein you get ie organic beef vs conventional beef vs organic grass fed beef.  Organic eggs vs conventional eggs vs free range eggs vs pasteurized eggs. I get straight to the point and tell you what studies shows is the best and why it matters.


  • What is a Carb?
  • Carb cycling and timing
  • Carb sources why it matters: For instance, Carbs that make you lose weight without you being on a diet. Carbs that decrease your appetite.
  • Carbs influence on the gut microbe. Which carbs enhance the good gut bacteria which enhances the bad gut bacteria
  • Learn exactly how many carbs your body needs per day or for each workout


  • Which supplements for fat loss actually work
  • Which supplements for muscle gain actually works?
  • Which ones has study shown boost testosterone?
  • Which supplements boost cognition (memory, focus, overall intelligence)
  • Which supplements boost your metabolism?