The Art of a fat loss diet, supplement & training system


OVER 200 pages of

  • Includes a 16-week HIIRT (high-intensity workout resistance training) routine. It has a break-in phase then the actual routine will start off gradually and lasts for 4 weeks. The first 1-2 weeks of Phase 2 increase the intensity gradually with the last two weeks near full intensity. Phase 3 has you at the full intensity of the entire phase (4 weeks). Phase 4 dials up the intensity again for the last 4 weeks of the 16-week program.
  • 110-page recipe book with a nutrition guide
  • A booklet of every single bacteria and probiotic known by science that reduces body fat.
  • A book on how HIIRT and HIIT remove body fat plus the difference between low-intensity steady-state cardio and HIIT and HIIRT.