The Humanengine book


HumanEngine book breaks down the science of fat loss and muscle gain. In the book, you will find the following:

  • The emerging science which shows the importance of adding muscle for women and men.
  • The science of fat loss and muscle gain simultaneously. You don’t have to be novice to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.
  • Why women should not train the same as men.
  • How the menstrual cycle impacts training for women and how women should train depending on the phase.
  • The new science of periodization but first what is periodization?
  • Every study that shows the best exercise for each muscle group
  • The function of each muscle group.
  • The muscle fiber type of each muscle group
  • What science shows is the best reps, sets, and frequency for training.
  • A comparison of each form of cardio and what science says is the best.
  • The often overlooked aspect of psychology and how it affects your recovery from training.
  • Overview of all the basics of physiology in order to understand why you exercise the way you do.

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