This is a virtual hands-on coaching program. I like to overdeliver so this is what you get:

Yes, this plan comes with supplements shipped to you. This is dependent on your country of residence.

Customized training program: What does this mean? After payment, you get a questionnaire. Your answers are looked at to see your goal, health status, gender, training status, lifestyle, age, before picture (to determine body fat levels for meal plan).  Your answers to these questions play a role in crafting your plan.

Video access: Video instructions for each workout.

Check-ins: Bi-weekly check-ins to monitor your progress and ensure you are progressing.

Training plan adjustments: Your plans are adjusted every 4 weeks based on your feedbacks during check-ins and the type of exercise in your program.


Customized meal plan:  Your goal, gender, food aversions and allergies, dieting history, train plan, age, favorite foods among other factors related to you are used to construct your meal plan.

Meal plan adjustments: Plans are adjusted every 1 to 4 weeks depending on your answers to the weekly check-ins.

Customized supplement plan: You are given a tailored supplement suggestion that will speed up your journey to your goal. Each supplement recommendation has been vetted via research of randomized control trials.

This comes with a supplement choice of BCAAs or a Thermogenic (fat burner) or a Pre-workout or Whey protein.


  • Refeed plans to ensure your metabolism stays high
  • Adjustments to training plans to prevent monotonous overtraining.
  • Customized supplementation plan. This plan gives you a recommendation on appropriate dosage based on your bodyweight and goal.
  • 270-page HumanEngine Book.
  • Anatomy of a Chest workout book
  • Anatomy of a Glute workout book
  • Anatomy of a Bicep workout book
  • Anatomy of  a Triceps workout book
  • Anatomy of a Shoulders workout book
  • Nutrition Guidebook all versions
  • 6 month subscription to HumanEngine site access to video tutorials on exercises