10-week 1 on 1 coaching


This is a virtual hands-on coaching program. I like to overdeliver so this is what you get:

  • A customized training program. This means no one else will have your training plan because it’s developed based on your feedback on the assessment questionnaire.
  • A customized nutrition plan. This meal plan is made specifically for your physiology. Based on your answers on the initial questionnaire, we might create a high carb, low carb or cyclic ketogenic meal plan to get you to your goal safely and quickly.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Weekly check in to ensure adherence to your programs. If the program is too difficult, adjustments are made. Too easy (training portion)? Adjustments are made. If you hit a plateau, adjustments are made.
  • Refeed plans to ensure your metabolism stays high
  • Adjustments to training plans to prevent monotonous overtraining.
  • Customized supplementation plan. This plan gives you a recommendation on appropriate dosage based on your bodyweight and goal.
  • Anatomy of a Chest workout book
  • Anatomy of a Glute workout book
  • Anatomy of a Bicep workout book
  • Anatomy of  a Triceps workout book
  • Anatomy of a Shoulders workout book
  • Nutrition Guidebook all versions
  • 2-month subscription to HumanEngine site access to video tutorials on exercises