“From the island of St. Barth with nothing but four hundred dollars and 2 duffel bags… Oh! and a dream. Mixed martial arts expert Julien Greaux risked it all to be the next big action star. With deals in the works that indicates mission has been accomplished, we caught up with Julien to find out all that we could about him from which form of martial he would pick in a street fight to his clothing line Team Rude Boy  and just how he maintains his incredible physique …”


When did you take up martial arts?

I started martial arts at the age of 7 with judo.

Who or what inspired you to begin martial arts?

As a kid I was already into muscles, I was always ripped. My first teacher was a soldier that work with k9, I used to live on a military base when I was a kid. My dad was a soldier he introduced me to that guy his name was Jean Hugue, he could kick a basket ball ring with his foot, when I saw that I was so impressed. So he taught me karate shotokan, I got really into training after watching Bruce lee movies.

You started out with Karate then a little later on took up  Taekwondo, judo, Thai kick boxing  and Ju jitsu.  What was your motivation for doing this?

… Which one is your favorite?

Actually I started with judo, my motivation is simply the passion of learning different arts. People forget they are arts, something you do to better yourself. For the traditional side of it I like all of them, for fighting and body conditioning I would say Muay Thai ( thai boxing ), but this is just my personal opinion I’m not saying that the other ones are not as good. However, every street fights, bar fights start standing up.

How are you able to keep up your training with all 5 disciplines?

Right now I’m not I got to busy, work, taking care of my daughter. I’m a single dad its a lot of work, my training, my projects, my new company. So right now I mainly train Muay Thai.

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about taking up martial arts?

First do some research, ask yourself why that particular form of martial art.  In addition, what I would do is try few classes of different one and see the one you like the most.

Which discipline would you tell them to start with first and why?

I dont think theres a discipline you should start with, just give it a try and see what fits you, I give you 2 extremes Akido and Muay Thai, one is a peacefull art that make it look effortless, the other one is a none stop crazy pace and very aggressive. It depend on how you are as a person.

If you were only allowed one form of Martial Arts to use which one would it be …now knowing context is a factor . Which one would it be in an unfriendly neighborhood ?

Which form would it be in the octagon?

in a bad neighborhood a GUN LOL just kidding, I will take muay thai hands up, in the octagon if the other can pick only one too , muay thai. The main reason why so many guys are good in a cage is because there’s the fence so when you are pinned against the fence you can[t really do anything, in a real life there’s no cage no space limit, its different.

How important is resistance training as it relates to martial arts?

Its one of the most important side of it, you can be a MASTER with technique but if you have nothing left in the tank you are going down.

Do you find that your training in the gym is different from most in the gym . If so in what way?

I think that I’m the only one that train the way I train, just because i mix it up all the time, I do heavy training, plyometrics, TRX, circuit training, so every day is a different workout and I train my entire body every day.

What does a typical week of weight training look like for you?  (please give details)

Honestly I can’t really answer that question because I  listen to my guts.  Sometimes I don’t even know until I get to the gym. if I feel like doing 500 free squat, 200 dips and 200 pull ups plus 1 h of jump rope I just do it, everything without any weight, on the other hand one day i may just do squat, bench and dead lifts.

The 80/20 rule (pareto’s principle) states that 80% of your results are determined by 20 % of your actions(in other words money makers)  so the other 80% of your actions equals to the remainder 20 % of your results . So of all the exercises you do for your body which one would you say is your money maker (the 20%) for your lower-body?

…which exercises is it for your upper body?

For  my lower body I will say heavy walking lunges, and for upper body I will say bent over row, as a martial artist you don’t want to over develop your chest, its slows down your punches.

What is your favorite body part to train ?

…And what’s the “money-maker” exercise that you feel gives you the best results developing it?

Back in the day,  it was shoulders , with heavy lateral raises. Today, I’m happy just the way I am so i don’t have any favorite exercises.

What is your diet like when you are getting ready for a typical cover shoot during a course of a week? (please give details)

My diet is pretty much the same, I’m not a big eater,

Meal 1 (Breakfast) consists of 6 egg whites, 2 wholegrain tortillas, 1 fresh squeezed oranges juice with carrot juice, 1 apple with 2 tablespoon of peanut butter,

Meal 2 .2 fillet of Tilapia with 1 cup cooked of brown rice,

Meal 3, 2 filet of Tillapia with vegetables and a apple with peanut butter. I eat 3 times a day, For a cover shoot, i don’t change much, just increase a  my cardio a little.

What does your diet  look like on a regular basis during the course of a week? (please give details)

I eat pretty much the same thing every day, i know it sounds boring, but I’m not a person that LOVES food, I just eat because I need to 🙂

What supplements do you use on a regular basis?

Believe it or not, its been 6 months that I haven’t touched a supplement, and I feel good, I just take on and off some caffeine pills for a boost when I train.

Are there supplements that you only use when you are getting ready for a shoot ? What are the?

No nothing special really, my diet is so clean, and I train so hard that I don’t need anything. That’s why I tell all those guys that they make it when to complicated, the recipe is SIMPLE train like a maniac, eat clean that’s all.

What is your favorite healthy recipe that you like to make? (details please!)

LOL bro I’m single so when I don;t have my daughter, there’s nothing I cook that I really consider a recipe, its plain fish with plain brown rice, oh yea sometimes I add some butter LOL that always makes it special for me.

what is your favorite cheat meal?

I don’t have any cheat meal sometimes I eat a bunch of trail mix , but I don’t consider this a cheat meal

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life?

I wake up at 5, I train few clients at home, than back home I work sending a bunch of emails, contacting different companies, right now I’m working on promoting my 2 clothing line, Team Rude Boy: NOTHING BUT TROUBLE and Team Rude Girl : NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, than I go to golds venice train for a good 2h, than I go to Gym box a gym in Brentwood I teach kickboxing there, than back home send again few emails, go to the jacuzzi 1h than go to bed 🙂 thats what I do, no TV, no going out, no party, because when you are out partying your butt off other people are working 🙂 just like me.

What would you say is the biggest obstacle you had overcome in your life?

How were you able to overcome it?

What about your career?

Coming here to the states with 400 dollars and 2 gym bags, without knowing ANYBODY, in my head it was so clear, that no matter what happened : I’m not going back home, so I guess its just my attitude in life that made me overcome that obstacle. In my career I don’t really see any obstacles, I see disappointments with people, but this you  learn to live with it.

How are you able to stay in shape 365 days of the year as you are known for along with having a family and running your business?

The fact that I have been training for 20 years with weight and martial arts is a huge factor, like I said I eat super clean, what I’m working on is developing my business, the training side is easy for me its my passion, I mean yes I do puke sometimes LOL but its easy, I need don’t  anybody, no coach to push me to the limit. I have been there myself many many times, Bruce Lee said: “The only one that goes too far knows how far he can go”.

What has been your proudest accomplishment so far?

For business the creation of my brand, in my personal life my daughter

What can you tell us about  Team rudeboy?

It took me 4 months of reasearch, working on logos etc. and settle on  the name.  Rude Boy is an expression from the west indies for a cool tough dude with a attitude, a rebel at heart who’s not afraid to speak the truth. I looked at a lot of different companies, skateboarding, surfing, MMA etc.. but found the names , logo and slogan really boring, no message, or if one all the same. The Caribbean culture is starting to grow here in the states, with music, sports etc. I grew up listening  ragga muffin, here they call it dance hall. So after seing the influence of the Caribbean music in the states, I decided to create a brand that is me, I’m from the islands, I’m straight forward. You see the problem is people want to hear the good all the time, so if you are honest lol they are going to tell you : ‘ why are you so rude ” so Team Rude Boy ; NOTHING BUT TROUBLE  is a mix, of me, my culture, my personality, when I was a kid I was a trouble maker, not a bad kid, I just liked trouble. Soon Team Rude Girl is coming.

Lightning round

Favorite Food: sushi

Favorite Dessert: none

Favorite Movie: the big blue

Favorite Magazine and/or Book?

The way of expressing the human body by Bruce lee.

Favorite song: right now, I’m sexy and I know it, just because it reminds me of my daughter , she loves that song.

Cats or Dogs?

dogs for sure

What’s next for you…are there any projects that you are working on or plan on working on ?

Yes actually I’m working on a deal for action movies, I don’t want to talk about it right now because in the past when i did than nothing happened, so I rather wait that way people wont think that I’m full of BS 🙂

Is there anything you would like people to take away from this interview about you?

I want people to realize that everything I do, I do it for me and my daughter of course, but my message is to also show them that if you work hard and BELIEVE in yourself you can achieve pretty much everything you want. But don’t lie to yourself, don’t live in denial. Never ever ever give up on your dreams and passion no matter what it is, thanks a lot. J


email:  juliengreaux1@yahoo.com