Celebrity trainer, Men’s health cover model Sidney Wilson is known for his approach to work and Life with his moniker  “Get Vicious” .  Human Engine talks with Sidney to see what makes him tick. In the process, we find out he’s tumultuous beginnings from his childhood to now a celebrity trainer and a mainstay in Men’s Health magazine. Sidney also reveals to us he nutrition and training regimen showing how he stays in shape 365 days of the year!



What was life like growing up in the Wilson household ?

I was an average kid growing up but was bullied by others and abused by my father that taught me to grow up fast and how not to treat my kids, family and people



How did it all start…How did you get into weight training and  then Fitness Modeling?

I was abused and picked on as a kid. I was the Steve Urkle of my time. I wanted to play sports but my dad wouldn’t let me and he didn’t have the money or time

I could never get the girls in school. I was always that (friend) to all the girls. The smart nerd with the thick glasses. I started modeling 12 years ago when I moved

to NYC. I was turned down by every modeling agent I went to but I never gave up. Wilhelmina signed me 4 years ago and put me on the map

You are pretty much a mainstay (featured often)  in Men’s Health magazine the world’s largest men’s magazine brand. What  body of work are you most proud of on a personal level?  

I’m proud of my first Men’s Health book cover that was world wide and put me on the map.




What is the hardest obstacle that you had to overcome so far?

The hardest obstacle I had to over come was to forgive my family for not helping me and believing in me. They told be to get a real job and that I would never

amount to anything. Hard work pays off… that being said they are right I work harder then the average 9 to 5 business man








What’s a breakdown of your diet  during the course of the week?

Meal 1 8 egg whites or oatmeal with fruit

Meal 2. fish sweet potatoes asparagus

Meal 3. spinach salad with balsamic oil and vinegar

Meal 4. chicken spinach and broccoli

Meal 5. Fish sweet potatoes asparagus

Meal 6 10 Egg Whites

2 gallons of water a day


What’s your diet/nutrition like when you are getting ready for a shoot and/or show?  (please be detailed)

same as my everyday meal just less water intake and more cardio


What supplements do you take?

CLA, Xpel, amino acids, L-Carnitine, and a fat burner

What is your routine in the gym during a regular week…is it the same when you are getting ready for a shoot or a show (please be detailed).

Full body workout 6 days a week… MMA, kickboxing, boxing, yoga, lots of stretching, heavy lifting, (calathentics) 100 sit ups, push ups, and pull ups everyday,






The 80/20 rule (pareto’s principle) states that 

80% of your results are determined by 20% of your actions (in other words money makers)  so the other 80% of your actions equals to the remainder 20 % of your results . So of all the exercises you do for your body which one would you say is your money maker (the 20%) for your lower-body?


…which exercise is it for your upper body?


What is your favorite body part to train ?


…And what’s the “money-maker” exercise that you feel gives you the best results developing it?

Leg lifts and ab roller


What’s your go to healthy recipe when you have to make something quick fast and in a hurry? 


What’s an off day for you …what do you indulge in.  what you do when you just relax,  cheat meals etc ?

I don’t do cheat meals but I do love chocolate



Are you working on any projects that you will le to share (What’s next for you)?

I’m going to compete in NPC Tribeca then I’m going for my Pro Card this year


Lightning round !

Favorite Book

Favorite quote

To be the best you have to exceed the rest

Favorite movie


Favorite place to visit


Dogs or cats


Football or Basketball


Car or Motorcycle


When people hear or think of the name Sidney Wilson what do you want to come to mind?

My GET VICIOUS Motto and Training. I want to motivate the world and be an inspiration to all the young kids growing up

Would you like to add anything else?

My website will be launching March 1 with a lot of diets, and workouts, along with me ebook for people to buy and download

www.epsportsnutrition is my supplement and clothing line H-Fuel is my first product and it’s a pre-workout drink. I will be coming out with my own supplement line

this year, weight loss, protein shakes, CLA, L-Carnitine, water pills, everything I use and take to get in amazing shape all year round.

No one wanted to sponsor me for all my hard work so I’m going to sponsor myself.






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