CHAPTER 1 of 12 : Best laid plans The science of habits
  • The amount of days science says it takes to form a habit and its not 21 days 
  • The Zeigarnik Effect
  • The science of will power
  • More in the book

CHAPTER 2: The load dictates the pace
  • How intensity influences fat loss and muscle growth as shown by science
  • What science says about intensity
  • The different types of intensity
  • How intensity relates to resistance training 
  • much more in the book

CHAPTER 3: Currency
  • The energy systems you use for exercise
  • Rest time between sets 
  • Rest time influence on influence on ATP
  • Rest time influence on fat loss
  • Rest influence on muscle growth
  • much more in the book

CHAPTER 4: Rep Your Set
  • Best reps for fat loss according to studies
  • Best reps for muscle growth as demonstrated by studies
  • Best reps for women as shown by science 
  • Reps influence on glycogen (carbs)depletion
  • more in the book
  • Rep range for peak week (photo shoot or physique comp) according 

CHAPTER 5:HumanEngine:Know Your Body
  • Muscle fiber types 
  • Charateristics of muscle fiber types
  • Why muscle fiber types means women should train different from men
  • Muscle fiber type distribution for the entire body

  • Periodization definition
  • Studies showing which train frequency is best for fat loss and muscle growth
  • Best training frequency for newbies, intermediate and advanced trainees

Nutrition section
  • Primer on Macronutrients
  • Primer on Micronutrients
  • The science of food sensitivity (Non celiac gluten sensitivity etc)
  • The importance of gut health
  • Remedies 
  • Red meat and Cancer
  • How you get fat 
  • Nutrient timing
  • Nutrient timing 
  • When nutrient timing matters
  • Nutrition for fat loss
  • Nutrtion for muscle gain 
  • How to set deficit lose  fat while gaining muscle 
  • The myth on eating clean

CHAPTER 6: Overtraining and Overreaching
  • What science says on overtraining 
  • What is overreaching?
  • Factors that cause overtraining as demonstrated by studies
  • supplements that help curtail overtraining 

CHAPTER 10: Fat loss
  • Why some women lose their cycle (studies shown)
  • Your cycle determines how your train
  • Worst birth control to use 
  • Body fat assessment comparison ie DXA vs bodpod vs calipers etc
  •  How to attack stubborn fat women
  • How to attack stubborn fat Men 

CHAPTER 7: Training for fat loss
  • Rest time between sets
  • Percent of 1rm (use the right load to maintain muscle)
  • How a natural can grow muscle while losing fat
  • How cardio slows fat loss as studies show
  • much more in the book

  • How to create a workout template
  • Free workout templates
  • How to use the app to create your own program templates
  • much more in the book

CHAPTER 8: Load Intensity
  • Percent of 1 rep max description
  • How to figure out your 1rm (app does it for you)
  • Percent of 1rm that elicit full muscle fiber activation for each muscle group
  • Percent of 1rm to use during fat loss
  • more in the book
  • more in the book

CHAPTER 12:Supplements that science says works!
  • Supplements studies
  • supplements for fat loss
  • supplements for water retention
  • supplements for muscle growth
  • supplements for energy
  • more in the book

glute 2


  • Anatomical function & location of the front delt and muscle that assist
  • Function & location of the lateral delts
  • Function & location of posterior delts

  • The 7 heads of the delts (not 3)
  • Function of each 7 heads
  • Brief overview of the 6 heads of the chest 
  • much more in the book

  • Muscle fiber type of the delts
  • Studies showing load intensity affect muscle fiber type growth
  • Rest time influece on muscle growth(overview from book 1)
  •  more in the book

  • Description of planes of body movement 
  • How planes of movement affect delts growth
  • How shoulder rotation influences front, lateral or posterior  delts is worked
  • more in the book

  • Best rep range for delts for women and men
  • Best rest time between sets  for delts for women and men
  • Standing vs seated what studies shows is best

  • Best exercises for Front delt according to EMG studies 
  • Best exercises for Later delts according to EMG studies
  • Best exercises for Posterior delts according to EMG studies

  • How to make a shoulder program
  • Periodization for bigger shoulders
  • Training frequency for max development 
  • How to train shoulders during a fat loss diet
  • More in the book

  • Injury prevention
  • workout templates
  • Shoulder pain and how to treat
  • Study references and resources

Small sample of some of my magazine covers and features covered in the book's chapter on peak week

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