Better By Science: Training Manual

Knowledge isn’t power… Practical knowledge is power. What’s the use of reading a book if you can’t apply what you learned? So to that extent, this is a manual not a book. How to apply the scientific research on strength and hypertrophy.

In this manual you learn

How it all starts, the science on habits. How many days does it take to make a behavior stick? It’s not 21.

How strength is aquired and how muscle grow…just the parts that’s relevant to you

The science of warm ups, potentiation and stretching to include warm up routines in your workout templates

Reps : what science says about the correct rep range for strength and/or muscle growth.

Rest time : How science shows too little or too much rest time between sets affects your success. More important how to apply what science demonstrates.

Overtraining and overreaching. Learn what science says about overtraining and overreaching. More importantly, learn the symptoms and how to prevent overtraining.

Mars and Venus : Women shouldn’t train the same way guys do. This manual will show what studies have demonstrated. You will get specific templates on how to apply what studies show for men and women

Frequency : What do science say about training muscle group once per week vs twice vs three times vs every day? More important, learn how to create a program about what you learned and get a template you can use at the gym

Mind muscle connection : Does it exist? Is it useful? Learn how to apply what science show!

Periodization: What does science say about it? Template examples on how to create a program

Time under tension : It’s not what you see on social media. Learn how to apply what science shows works!

The science of supersets, compound sets, antagonist-agonist paired sets, complexes.

To train or not to train to failure : Annihilation or stimulation? Learn how to appropriately apply when to go to failure and when you should not!

Weight training while dieting to lose fat: Can you gain muscle while losing fat? Yes learn how even if you have been training for several years.
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Supplements which work and which doesn’t but more important the exact dose studies show to work. In addition learn how each work plus which supplement applies to your goal.

Smart workout template and access to the training app: Most apps out there do not address what’s fundamental to the end user’s success. Everything in these books will be applied to the app. Plus work in conjunction with the Nutritionist+ (plus) app.

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